I love to perform in a variety of mediums. Theatre was my first love, singing came next, and while I wouldn't call myself a dancer I do adore moving onstage and off. 



I am extensively trained in classical voice and have sung across Canada. My favorite genres include art song, folk music, and contemporary music with extended vocal techniques. I have also sung choral music, opera (classical and contemporary, see below), operetta, musical theatre, and some limited jazz. 




In the summer of 2016 I trained with dramaturgs Mark Bly and Adrien-Alice Hansel at the Kennedy Center's New Play Dramaturgy Intensive in Washington, DC. 


I am a supporter and lover of new contemporary operas. In 2010 I premiered the role of Yu Xianji in the first staged production of the opera Trudeau: Long March, Shining Path by composer DD Jackson, with libretto by George Elliot Clarke (produced by Vocalypse Productions).

I also work-shopped and premiered the mini-opera Escape to Freedom by composer Sandy Moore at Vocalypse Production's Opera from Scratch residency. This piece is now being expanded into a full length opera. 


I've trained in Action Theatre Improvisation with Ruth Zaparoah, in Authentic Movement with Val Campbell, and, in ballet and movement with Mary Lou Martin, and in Alexander technique with Ron Tomerelli,  

I also have basic training in various dance styles including broadway, hip-hop, modern, ballet, and tap. 

A caveat to the above gif: it was the day after completing a half-Iron distance triathlon, which was the most movement I've ever done in a single day. Still managed those graceful leaps though!


This is my newest creative pursuit. More to come!