COMPOSITIONS: a micro-performance series

Really happy to have started the year off performing in an intimate house concert in Parkdale, Toronto. The performance was the first in the new COMPOSITIONS series that I am helping to produce through Sesquisharp Productions. Curated by Shalon T. Webber-Heffernan, this series of micro-performances explores a whole host of performative and musical work and plays with issues of scale.

COMPOSITIONS #1 featured myself, pianist Jon McSpadden, and performance art duo xLQ. We also screened short films by Brian Johnson and Valerie Calam and Paul Shepherd. Despite the frigid temperatures (temperatures in Toronto dropped to a low of -20 degrees celsius!) , we had a great crowd brave the weather to join us. Despite the business of doing a PhD, I am always reminded how rewarding performing can be—sharing some wild contemporary music with people on a cold, snowy night does the soul good!