Let Evening Come

My work as a producer and performer is picking up again, as my company Sesquisharp Productions (which I co-founded in 2012 with Jacob Caines) has emerged out of hiatus. Jacob and I had hit 'pause' on things for a few years as we were living in different cities and focused on different projects. But now, despite still being separated by a few hundred kilometres, we're relaunching Sesquisharp with renewed enthusiasm. 

Based across Halifax and Toronto, Sesquisharp is an arts collective that is rethinking the concert experience--programming classical and contemporary music in innovative ways and with interdisciplinary collaborations. 

We just performed an amazing sold-out run of Let Evening Come the MacPhee Centre in Halifaxa show all about experiences of night, darkness, and catharsis. It was truly a joy to develop this show with a group of amazingly talented performers and creators and I can't wait to announce the other exciting projects we have lined up!

Head over to for more info, or check out some of the photos from the show below (all photo credits to MJ Photographics)