Photo credit: Rita Taylor

Photo credit: Rita Taylor


I'm a dramaturg, performer, scholar, and producer currently based in Toronto, Canada.

I have an MA in musicology from the University of Ottawa and a BMus in voice from Acadia University. My research interests are diverse, ranging from theories of embodiment, disability studies, and social/cultural interpretations of the body, to contemporary vocal music, research-creation methodologies, new play dramaturgy, and feminist performance.

My performing life ranges from traditional canonical works to the wildly theatrical. In recent years I have turned to practice-as-research (PaR) approaches to better serve my interest in both academic inquiry and live performance. I am currently developing a solo work titled 'When the Body Betrays.' 

I am currently pursuing an MA in Theatre & Performance Studies at York University in Toronto, and am set to begin my PhD in the same department this fall. When I'm not up to my ears in reading, I like to hike, swim, and take long streetcar rides in search of vegan cinnamon buns.

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